The Retirement Village Residents Association of NZ (RVR) has been formed to help ensure residents enjoy the full benefits of retirement village life. We help promote and protect the rights of retirement village residents in New Zealand and provide a voice for residents at both a local and national level.
A current focus is the urgent review needed of the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 to improve the legislation and practices that govern retirement villages.

What we do


We listen to members and then work with sector organisations and government departments to bring a positive, fair and balanced change. 


We communicate regularly with our members and connect them to information and resources that helps improve their retirement village life.


We help support the voice of individual members to achieve fair and respectful outcomes.

Advocating for Members and Village Residents around Aotearoa.

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The RVR protects the rights of retirement village residents in New Zealand. Read about the many benefits of becoming a member by clicking the button below.

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