Frequently asked questions

Why was a National Residents Association formed?

The first Regional Residents Association began in 2006, to help address an imbalance of power that the Retirement Villages Act 2003 had not addressed. Three more regions started shortly after that, and by 2014 it was clear that a National Association was required to help provide a national voice for residents with regard to the legislation and code of practice that govern the organisation and running of retirement villages.

What’s the difference between the RVA and RVR?

The RVA (Retirement Villages Association) is an industry association that represents the interests of the Village Operators. Their membership fee is based on the number of residents per village. In many cases its membership fees are likely to be passed on to residents through the weekly fees.

The RVR (Retirement Village Residents Association of NZ) represents the Residents living in Retirement Villages and works to ensure fair and equitable decisions. The work to be done by the RVR cannot be achieved without funds, and your membership helps ensure that residents voices and opinions are heard and counted.

Who can become a member of the RVR?

Any individual who is a resident of a registered retirement / lifestyle village can become a member. We also have associate memberships available for non-residents and corporates / organisations. For further information on associate membership please send us a message using the contact form below.

What are the benefits of membership?

• Peace of mind knowing that there is an association that’s ensuring fair and equitable terms for retirement village living.
• Quarterly newsletters on developments within the sector and stories from around the country on how residents are making the most of village life.
• Assistance with connecting you or your residents committee to additional help, if needed.
• Assisting village residents who may not enjoy the same conditions as you.
• See achieved to date, Click Here


Can we join up our entire residents association?

Yes. We simply require the names and addresses of each resident to sign them up individually. Your village may also qualify for a capped village rate.

Can a village manager stop me from joining the RVR or from starting a residents committee?

No. The Code of Practice protects your right to form a residents association, and it is in their interest to have a residents committee and members that are residents of the RVR. In fact, some village operators pay the annual RVR subscription for all their residents.

Do I need to become involved or attend meetings?

Only if you want to. Membership helps the association work behind the scenes to ensure fair and equitable outcomes and peace-of-mind for its members. If you would like to be more involved then simply contact a local representative.

What has the RVR achieved to date?

• The Rates Rebate Act Amendment. This allows residents to now claim up to $630 per annum. Our support was specifically acknowledged by Ruth Dyson in Parliament when it was passed into law in 2018.

• The cessation of weekly maintenance fees on exit. Since our first submissions were made to the Stakeholder Forums many of the large operators have now stopped charging fees after exit.

• The need for residents to be able to fund their transition into care. Within two months of submitting this issue at a stakeholder forum, a large village operator announced it would make an immediate $20,000 advance on their settlement of capital, where necessary. Others are now following suit with alternatives.

• The RVR has continued to raise the issues around uncapped weekly fees. Many large operators have now shifted to fixed weekly village fees for life, instead of increasing them over a residents tenure.

• Removal of Capital Loss clause. Prior to the RVR, most ORAs contained a clause permitting the operator to take any capital loss incurred in the sale of a unit from the outgoing residents (DMF). Most operators have now removed that clause.

• Clarifying the definition of refurbishment. This has always been controversial and ongoing consultation will hopefully see those remaining operators that have misused the definition follow indicated standards.

• Removal of multiple DMFs. Most operators now do not charge multiple village contributions if you move within the village, e.g. from a villa to a serviced apartment. Some are yet to follow this standard.

Is the RVR against Retirement Village operators?

The short answer is no. Our members want to enjoy their retirement and they want the operator to be successful. We want legislation that ensures fair and equitable clauses in our ORAs to prevent financial exploitation.


How To Join

1. As an individual or couple:
Go ONLINE – Click the below button and pay by credit card or online banking.
By BANK DEPOSIT – Westpac 03 0389 0004586 05 (Include your Name, Village &  Town / City as reference).
Via your RESIDENTS COMMITTEE – Download a Village registration form from Here and give it to your residents committee with your cash payment.  Check with your committee first.

2. As a Village or Residents Association:
Download a Village registration form from Here or email the RVR Treasurer,, to request a copy.

3. Contact your village or regional RVR Representative.

Please feel free to use this form to contact us through the
 RVR website