Best Practice and Key Terms Questions for scoring:

The following questions and answers help others understand how a villages, or operators terms compare to the RVRANZ's Best Practice Guidelines and where that village/operator ranks nationally compared to others. Simply start to type the name of the village and if that village has already been answered, you will see the answers appear. You may update these with a date that the new terms apply from and an updated copy will be saved.

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How many months from when the resident exits does the weekly fee fully stop?

What is the total / max Deferred Management Fee % that you will pay on the sale of your unit (including any mkting or admin fees)?

How many years is the DMF calculated over?

What is the minimum age of entry?

Does the resident share in any Capital GAIN?

Is the resident exposed to any Capital LOSS?

Can the weekly fees paid by the resident be increased by the operator

When does the exiting resident receive their funds back (if NOT sharing in capital gain)?

If funds are NOT returned within 28 days - does the operator offer compensation, interest or partial payment

Is the resident required to contribute to refurbishment of the unit on exit?

Does the resident have priority over non-residents to transfer to another unit at the village?

Does the resident have to pay additional DMF or fees if transferring to another unit at the village?