Key terms summary

The RVR is collecting copies of the Key Terms Summary documents given out by retirement villages to intending residents. This will help residents compare village options as well as inform government on the differentiation of villages across New Zealand. Please assist by sharing your Key Terms Summary..





Fees payable by resident

Maximum Deferred Management Fee (DMF) (or equivalent fees) payable by resident for unit

Maximum total as a percentage of capital sum: %

Method of calculation:

On entry %

Per annum: Year 1 % Year 2 % Year 3 % Year 4 % Year 5 %

Weekly fees payable by resident

• How much?

$ per week for a

$ per week for a

$ per week for a

• Can these be increased by the operator?

• If yes, how often?

Are there any other regular fees payable by the resident to the operator and can these be increased?
Does the resident contribute to long term maintenance through a contribution to a specific village sinking or maintenance account?
Fees payable on termination (excluding DMF)

Capital gains/losses

Does the resident share in any capital gain on the sale of the unit?

• If yes, what share? [Specify]

Is the resident exposed to any capital loss on the sale of the unit?

• If yes, what is the exposure? [Specify]

Leaving the unit

Once the resident has left their unit when do they stop paying weekly fees?
When does the resident or their estate receive the capital refund (Less DMF and other fees/ charges)?
Do you offer any compensation if a unit is not resold within a specific period?
When leaving the unit is the resident required to contribute to the refurbishment of the unit, and if so, what amount or formula will be used ?

Transferring between units within the village*

Does the resident have priority over non-residents to transfer to another unit at the village?
For the resident’s new unit, is there a credit for any DMF (or equivalent fees) paid by the resident for their earlier unit(s) at the village?

Current aged care options at the village

Is there an aged care facility currently available at the village?
If so how many rooms are currently available in each care category?

Rest home


Dementia care

Other – Specify

Does your facility currently contain any standard aged care rooms, i.e. where there is no requirement to pay premium room charges or purchase an ORA?
Does the resident have priority over nonresidents to transfer to the care options outlined above?

This Summary is a general statement of the key terms of the offer at

For full details refer to the disclosure statement and occupation right agreement for this Village.

* Different terms [may] apply if the resident leaves the unit due to a damage or destruction event or if the operator has terminated the resident’s occupancy.

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