A resident entered into her ORA when there were Campervan parks designated on the plan. Clause 33.3 of her ORA – states that motorhomes are to be parked “in the designated areas set aside for this purpose”. The ORA also requires the resident to seek permission if bringing a campervan in. However, no designated parking area actually existed and the village manager expected the resident to notify him EVERYTIME the resident wanted to bring their campervan in. One single elderly lady resident arrived back from a trip at 3pm. At 4pm the manager phoned and asked why he hadn’t been informed about the van coming in. The resident tried to explain – and he proceeded to speak over the top of the resident and said “I don’t want to hear about all that”. He was yelling and the resident could not understand what he was saying. She hung up. He rang straight back and said  “If you ever hang up on me again, I’ll make sure you never bring your van into the village” The resident felt bullied and totally stressed. The conversation was unprovoked by the resident and left her feeling victimised. It is understood that the manager had no village management training prior to the role – and the operator admits to not having any management training policy in place.

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