A couple decided on an apartment (paying $1.3 mill) but soon realised that it was too small for their needs. They asked if there was a larger one and were told one may be coming up. They stayed on and were later able to secure an application for the larger apartment at $1.6 mill. It wasn’t until 2 months later when their transfer application had been approved – that they were told they would have to pay the entire cost of the new apartment upfront, as well as a transfer fee of 10% of the new unit price ($160,000) and the cost of the first unit (less the DMF) would ONLY be repaid to them when it was re-licenced. In other words, they had been granted permission to pay a surcharge of 10% to buy a second apartment, in addition to the one they already owned. If they had already been aware of these conditions they would not have made the application and left the Village earlier, in order to keep the DMF liability to a minimum. The operator would not negotiate, so they moved out.

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