A couple in a Canterbury Village have spent nearly two years trying to get the village to rectify the road and path hazards which have caused more than 20 resident accidents – one involving hospitalisation. Their disclosure statement says that the village complies with NZS4121:2001 (the NZ Standard for Accessibility). A formal complaint was made to the village operator who denied any problems and made (false) claims that the roading was up to regulation. After more than 20 working days, and with no satisfactory resolution, the complaint was referred to the Statutory Supervisor (SS). After a further 20 working days the Statutory Supervisor responded, making little sense, and with comments that did not appear to relate to the specific complaint. The complainant contacted the CFFC to ask for help and was told that the CFFC had no power and suggested they employ their own lawyer. The Registrar of Retirement Villages was contacted but said there is nothing they can do as the operator has since removed that comment from the disclosure statement even though it’s in everyone else’s disclosure statement. The operator finally admits there are a number of serious design flaws in the Village and that the Disclosure Statement was misleading – but in nearly a year virtually nothing has happened to resolve the safety issues. The complainant has found the Formal Complaint process extremely stressful, tiring, frustrating, confusing and doubts there are many retired people living in retirement villages who would be willing to endure such a process.

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