Stuff Article 3 Sept 2022: Retirement village owners have come up with a package of “voluntary reforms” they hope will stave off the threat of government regulation.

It includes a crack-down on unfair terms in retirement village contracts, and on village operators who take too long to return capital to residents moving out of a village.

On August 10, village residents’ representative Nigel Matthews had MPs from Parliament’s Social Services and Community Committee play a game of “villageopoly” to highlight the need for a fairer deal for elderly village residents.

But Graham Wilkinson, president of the Retirement Villages Association (RVA), hit back at a hearing of the committee on Wednesday telling MPs the game of villageopoly had given them a “misleading and inaccurate portrayal of village living”.

Villageopoly was designed to highlight to MPs unfair terms in retirement village contracts, and Matthews said: “We stand by the game 100%.”

Retirement villages provide managed homes for retirees, and 50,000 older people now live in the 407 villages owned by RVA members.

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