Prior to Tuesday, we were well on track to update our members, until the lockdown pronouncement. This using a series of meetings, with material from this week’s Executive strategy meeting and what we would have gleaned from the Retirement Commission Forum at Parliament next Monday.

Sadly, and for reasons we may never fully understand, the Retirement Commission have not postponed the two-yearly event to a later month – there being plenty of time prior to Christmas. Instead, they have, without reference to many people throughout the industry (who have laboured in-depth to prepare for the whole-of-industry exchange) have chosen to cancel it – now to be replaced with a similar event at a yet-to-be-indicated date in 2022. Clearly bureaucracy is well at work here.

Immediately following the Forum – in fact on the following day – we were to be holding two member meetings in Wellington and handing over the large number of petitions to a willing high-profile Member of Parliament with associated media coverage. The day following, two further meetings were scheduled in the lower North Island.

So, the key message is this. While we have a glitch in the planned proceedings, we will not pause in our constant striving to represent the interest of village RVRANZ members. Shortly, we will present you (initially electronically) with the findings of this week’s identification and collating of the Best Practice Framework for Fairness. We will not sit idly by while the operators’ group embellish their publicity of their alleged Blueprint – a fawning document that shows every intention of being used to ensure that the government believes that all is well and that there is no need for a review.

Pleased by assured that minor setbacks as presented by the virus – and a disappointing reaction from the Retirement Commission – will only strengthen our resolve. We very much appreciate your continued support and welcome those who have recently joined our rapidly growing membership ranks. We are very proud of you.

On behalf of your National Executive,

Peter Carr, National President.

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