It has been six weeks since our last formal update to you. Even though our plans for workshops, seminars and the presenting of a petition have been delayed due to lockdowns, we are pleased to say that lockdowns have not stopped the voice of residents from being heard.

Some of our Executive appeared (electronically) before the parliamentary select committee on Economic Development. They had previously, in recent weeks, been addressed by the RVA and the Retirement Commissioner. We had half an hour with them having earlier provided them all with a background explanatory paper. Information on the select committee can be seen HERE and the recorded Select Committee submission by the RVRANZ is available HERE or;

We have also sought assistance from a communications company – experienced, and well-connected for continued lobbying with the parliamentary sector.

Tired of hearing from operators that they will ‘go broke’ if we insist on early buyback of villa deposits, we are contracting an accountancy firm to independently research the accounts of operators to measure their real risk. In this regard we would be pleased to hear from retired CA’s who might be happy (& capable) of assisting in this project. The work will include researching those operators who are using double dipping techniques to utilise their sinking funds and then claiming back costs from residents to top up the fund.

Further, we have been watching comments from the Retirement Commissioner (Click Here) and the current action by Consumer NZ regarding their approach to the Commerce Commission, whereby they are claiming that operators are using false advertising with regard to the alleged availability of care beds when talking with prospective residents (Click Here). We have sent a letter of support to Consumer NZ’s CEO Jon Duffy.

We have also circulated draft Consultation copies of our “Framework for Fairness” – Best Practice document for comment to specific residents and Chairs. We plan to have this document ready for our members in October and after, for public perusal.

The month of October will see a busy programme of presentations from Mosgiel to Tauranga updating our members. Additional areas will be covered in November while I am on holiday. We have also just trialled an online workshop for our North Shore Region Contacts and Chairs, and plan to roll that out further. We’re also expecting to have another printed newsletter out for members before Christmas.

Look forward to catching up with some of you at the upcoming workshops.

Peter Carr, National President.

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