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RVRANZ Special Update | RVRANZ at Parliament!

A big week for village residents... A great deal has happened in the past week regarding progressing discussions for a 'fulsome review' of the legislative framework that governs retirement villages. The busy week started on Tuesday with our President having a 30...

RVRANZ Important News | Best Practice Guidelines

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the RVRANZ's Best Practice Guidelines for Retirement Villages, for you to download; This booklet sets out the RVRANZ’s recommended guidelines for achieving fairness and best...

RVRANZ President’s Update 25 September 2021

It has been six weeks since our last formal update to you. Even though our plans for workshops, seminars and the presenting of a petition have been delayed due to lockdowns, we are pleased to say that lockdowns have not stopped the voice of residents from being heard....

RVRANZ President’s Update 20 August 2021

Prior to Tuesday, we were well on track to update our members, until the lockdown pronouncement. This using a series of meetings, with material from this week’s Executive strategy meeting and what we would have gleaned from the Retirement Commission Forum at...

Residential Care Subsidy Changes

On 1 July 2020, some key annual changes to the Residential Care Subsidy came into effect. If you need long-term residential care in a rest home, you may now qualify for the Residential Care Subsidy. The asset thresholds have increased to: $236,336 for a single person...

Case Studies

Consultation – and what residents can do if it’s not happening!

The RVRANZ receives emails from members relating to decisions being made within their village, without proper consultation, if any. While operators have a business to run and decisions need to be made and actioned, the process of consultation is in the Code of Practice to ensure residents have the opportunity to be heard and be a part of any process that may have a direct impact on their lives within the village.

Below are some case studies from our members that show how the RVRANZ has assisted in the consulation process, and the outcomes.  Note: Names have been changed to protect identities.


Operator Puts Money Before Promise

From 2016 residents were ‘verbally’ told that plans were underway for a new facility with apartments and care and that once this was built that they would likely be demolishing the old poorly insulated cottages. Over the next 5 years they were given multiple verbal...

Ongoing Nightmare

Residents in a South Canterbury village are finding out, firsthand, the futility of the current legislation to fix the systemic failure of poorly designed villages. Nearly two dozen accidents have occurred at this village due to the poor construction of roading, kerbs...

Below are some examples of actual retirement village resident complaints lodged with the RVRANZ.  Note: Names have been changed to protect identities.


Confusing Wording in ORA

A residents ORA states, "The resident will pay all costs incurred by the operator in restoring any damage to the interior of the unit (including the garage doors, plumbing and electrical fittings and fixtures) and keeping the appliances in good order, repair and...

Lack of Management Training, Advocacy or Enforcement

A resident entered into her ORA when there were Campervan parks designated on the plan. Clause 33.3 of her ORA - states that motorhomes are to be parked “in the designated areas set aside for this purpose”. The ORA also requires the resident to seek permission if...

Operator Charges Exorbitant ‘Transfer Fee’

A couple decided on an apartment (paying $1.3 mill) but soon realised that it was too small for their needs. They asked if there was a larger one and were told one may be coming up. They stayed on and were later able to secure an application for the larger apartment...

Residents Charged to Repair Operators’ Old Chattels

Many residents are responsible for the repairs and maintenance costs of the operator's chattels - but if it needs replacing then that is the cost of the operator. However, many villages do NOT have a replacement policy. An 82 yr old gentleman and his wife were...

Capital Loss Clauses

Some villages have residents sign up to a capital loss clause - even when they get no share in the capital gain (i.e. if the value of their unit dips, then they must cover the loss plus all other fees). One Otago village has the capital loss clause so well hidden that...

Operator Not Bound to Make Changes. No Enforcement.

A couple in a Canterbury Village have spent nearly two years trying to get the village to rectify the road and path hazards which have caused more than 20 resident accidents - one involving hospitalisation. Their disclosure statement says that the village complies...

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Workshops / Seminars

WHETHER you’re already living in a retirement / lifestyle village OR thinking it might be time to consider moving into one – you will have questions. Starting July, the Retirement Village Residents Association (RVRANZ) along with experienced advisors are running back-to-back 60-90 min workshops for getting the most out of either moving into or living in a retirement village.


EXISTING RESIDENTS – “Best Practice / Show Me the Money” is a 60-90 minute workshop for existing residents in retirement or lifestyle villages. It looks the RVRANZ’s Resident-Led, ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines for the sector, including a look at sharing capital gain vs getting your money back quicker. If you’re a member of the RVRANZ, then this workshop is free. For non-members it’s a $5 donation – with the full amount refunded if you become a member on the day.

NOTE: You may want to let friends know that a ‘Prospective Residents Seminar’ – “Insider Advice to Choosing a Retirement Village” will run concurrently at most venues, for those thinking about moving into a village. It looks at the differences between village providers, some of the fishhooks, and key questions to ask when looking around. Plus, some insider tips that could help you save thousands!

Admission Cost: $25 single (or $40 with single take home magazine – Save $5). $35 couple (or $50 with single take home magazine – Save $5).  TO REGISTER for PROSPECTIVE RESIDENTS ONLY – VISIT:

Tea / Coffee is included and both seminars will have a time for Q&A. Peter Carr, National President of the RVRANZ says “If you’re interested in a resident-led perspective on moving into or living in a retirement / lifestyle village then you will not want to miss these.” 


To REGISTER or to be kept updated as to when new seminars are posted CLICK HERE



 <Check back frequently for updates on the postponed workshops.  Please note that under Covid Alert Level 2, we will only be having up to 100 attendees per meeting>

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID – Fri 10th Sep AM – Havelock North 
 BOTH seminars
EXISTING RESIDENTS Workshop from 10am. Coffee / Tea served afterwards.
Venue : TBC.

(Prospective Residents Seminar runs concurrent – same venue).

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID – Fri 10th Sep PM – Napier 
 BOTH seminars
EXISTING RESIDENTS Workshop from 2.30pm. Coffee / Tea served afterwards.
Venue : TBC.

(Prospective Residents Seminar runs concurrent – same venue).

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID – Sat 11th Sep AM – Gisborne 
 BOTH seminars
EXISTING RESIDENTS Workshop from 10am. Coffee / Tea served afterwards.
Venue : TBC.

(Prospective Residents Seminar runs concurrent – same venue).

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID – Wed 22nd Sep AM – Auckland 
 BOTH seminars
EXISTING RESIDENTS Workshop from 11.45am. Coffee / Tea served afterwards.
Venue : TBC.

(Prospective Residents Seminar runs from 10am – same venue).

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID – Fri 24th Sep – New Plymouth 
 BOTH seminars
EXISTING RESIDENTS Workshop. Coffee / Tea served afterwards.
Venue : TBC.

(Prospective Residents Seminar runs concurrent – same venue).

OCTOBER / NOVEMBER: Hamilton, Havelock North, Napier, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Auckland, Wanaka, Northland 
 BOTH seminars – check back later for details.

To REGISTER or to be kept updated as to when new seminars are posted CLICK HERE



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